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Does your child need help, but you don't have the time? Or maybe your child comes home with a problem that you can't help with because you don't understand the question yourself! Then you have come to the right place! Our tutors are well equipped to help your child with whatever they may need.  Whether it be help with homework or extra lessons, we can set up your child with the right tutor for them!

Meet The Team



The current Leader here at Infinity Learning. I absolutely love Math and would like the opportunity to help your child love it too! I find that once children understand the topic at hand, they can have a little more fun

"Every kid is smart, some just need a little help to realize their full potential."



An experienced elementary retired teacher with 30 years teaching in Drayton Valley schools. Special education trained so I am equipped to determine specific learning needs and strategies to gain improvement.

"I want students to be able to say, 'Yes I Can"



I truly enjoy helping children learn to clearly communicate, watching their confidence grow more & more as their ability to be understood increases. If your child needs help with speech, I'm your tutor!


“Communication is the essence of human life.”


Pick and choose your time and day! 

Better Grades

See an increase in your childs abilities and knowledge!


We have a classroom so you won't have anyone in your own home, or have to go to someone else's home!


Have a direct line to your tutors for an easy one-on-one!

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