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Infinity Learning, What is it?

Infinity Learning is a tutoring organization with the drive to help your child, or yourself, achieve and exceed their academic goals. 

How will I know I'm with the right tutor?

Each tutor has their preferred subjects and age. Upon contact you will be paired with the right tutor for you! If you ever have an issue please contact us and we can find you the right tutor.

Why choose Infinity Learning?

We have a classroom and other resources that other tutors might not have. We have access to whiteboards, paper, writing utensils, a computer, and a printer. Our classroom can provide a welcoming environment, free from plenty of distractions you could otherwise find at home.

What happens when I can't make an appointment?

Each tutor is different. Most of the time you can reschedule for a different day if given enough time in advance. 

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